Playing WoW....again!!
My Shaman Char Since i was in UMP 2007/08 playing World of Warcraft (WoW). Firstly with burning crusade version. I used Warrior character with Protection talent and enchanting prof, it's a nice warrior and i'm proud of as i farely win with the duel, even with rogue. But that is just beginning and i'm still vry noob..hak2
Then after semester break, the server reseted.

Next character i play was hunter, with marksman talent,.it's nice one too since it's range attack & vry good with AP. It when quit long with the character, then lastly i play blood elf rogue character. I like the rogue's skills so much as it's can stealth and ambush with awesome AP..haha,Lastly, the server is always reset and that pissed me off..then break for intership period, i didnt play once.

On April, i back to UMP with illigelly move on with Bob's room, then i play wow with shaman enchance talent but not very long,. This time i just play battleground

Now, playing online private playing paladin with retri,.cant pump up my items much cz i'm working now,.just online at night.
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