After 1 Year~
After a year I worked in INSPEN, now I can feel that my career will not progress further. It is impossible to Mr.Ir tittle for me, although last year a new list with the BEM,

sigh, I need to find a job that can guarantee my future, financial and career
Wish all luck for me ~_~

2010 Life...'s long time since my last post on Jan '10, didnt knw what stuff make me busy..
playing games? job? migrating? maybe dont have mood to write on my lonely blog...haha...

My jobs?

Currently my job is quite a mess now, with expecting non-accomplished deadline on 8 Oct '10.
Main const start to pull out their political issue as they has internal financial problem. cant pay labors manpower. Equivalent progress gets slower and expecting can be handover on late Jan '11
Even though the structure 90p% complete, delay on architecture & infra works.

My part? LV (always ahead), ELV(still on track but sometimes delay) and LV (worrying me with quite some delay) with lots of coordination need to be done, Then i'm in job hunt mode and quite numbers of call for interview received and due to now i know exp is massive asset for worker.


Few couple of games i had play since 7 months i'here. Wow..dota..CSO..tribalwars and others stuff..

Early this month i log in to my Wow account but there's no char. Maybe admin deleted my char since inactive record log in..Little bit disappointment thinking of alot of my equ very strong.
so that's it..i'm done with Wow..yet the installer 8GB i still kept in my external drive.

Dota i have play few months..normally play with Agi hero (especially stealth abiility), sometimes with int. Most hard win..countable save reply losing games which i look again for own gain.
But Garena have upgrade into 1.43e..i cant play online..

Tribal wars..i have play for 8 weeks, now have 6villages with total point 20k, good coordinate i am getting chance grow big, yet i had noble a villa just nobled by a big player..
then she/he started to attacked me..and that time i busy with family stuff (it's june & school holidays..) so i'm stop log in to tribalwars..
Playing WoW....again!!
My Shaman Char Since i was in UMP 2007/08 playing World of Warcraft (WoW). Firstly with burning crusade version. I used Warrior character with Protection talent and enchanting prof, it's a nice warrior and i'm proud of as i farely win with the duel, even with rogue. But that is just beginning and i'm still vry noob..hak2
Then after semester break, the server reseted.

Next character i play was hunter, with marksman talent,.it's nice one too since it's range attack & vry good with AP. It when quit long with the character, then lastly i play blood elf rogue character. I like the rogue's skills so much as it's can stealth and ambush with awesome AP..haha,Lastly, the server is always reset and that pissed me off..then break for intership period, i didnt play once.

On April, i back to UMP with illigelly move on with Bob's room, then i play wow with shaman enchance talent but not very long,. This time i just play battleground

Now, playing online private playing paladin with retri,.cant pump up my items much cz i'm working now,.just online at night.
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